Core charges apply to the purchase of an OEM remanufactured part.

OEM manufacturers charge a core charge to encourage you to return your old part in order for them to be able to rebuild it. The core charge is fully refundable upon the return of the core in the original box following the procedures below.


  • Cores must have normal wear and tear conditions. We can’t accept cores with cracked housings, broken shafts, or broken major components.

  • Drain all internal fluids prior to shipping.

  • Clean exterior oil, grease, and dirt.

  • Wrap the core in plastic when repacking for shipment, such as a garbage bag.

  • Maintain all original packaging in original condition. Don’t let it get soaked with rain, oils, or other fluids.

  • Repack your core inside the OEM-provided box to help our team identify it easier.

  • Pack the box in a way that prevents the core from shifting during transport.

  • Enclose the packing list we email you inside the core return box.

  • Clearly label the outside of the box Core Return to help our team identify it easier and process your credit faster.

  • Use a shipping carrier that provides tracking.

  • Send your core to:
    Source One Parts Center
    Attn: Returns
    432 W. Manchester Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90003

We’ll process your core return credit up to 30 days after receiving the core. We’ll issue the credit against the original credit card used to purchase the OEM part.


What is a core deposit and why am I being charged for it?

  • Certain parts can be reconditioned, recycled, or remanufactured to OEM standards for future use. The components that can be remanufactured include a core deposit. This deposit is fully refundable when a customer returns the core. Put differently, the core is your old part. We will refund your core deposit after you send us your old part.

Who pays to ship the core back?

  • Shipping charges to return the core are the responsibility of the customer.

Will you accept my core return in any condition?

  • The OEM cannot remanufacture the core part and will reject it if it has the following damage:

    • Broken or dented

    • Stripped threads or ports

    • Damaged, cracked, or otherwise unusable mounts or housings

    • Extensive rust and corrosion

    • Missing, unoriginal, or disassembled parts.

We recommend cleaning the core as much as possible to help us easily identify and inspect the core return and process your credit.

What happens if you reject my core?

  • We’ll email you if the core is rejected within 10 business days after receiving the core. Any rejected cores can be returned to you FOB Los Angeles at your discretion.

How long do I have to return a core?

  • Please return the core within 60 days of the purchase date. Please email or call us if you need assistance.

How soon will I receive my core deposit credit?

  • We will process your core deposit credit up to 30 days after receiving the core. We will issue the credit against the original credit card used to purchase the OEM part.